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Man at the window
I don’t know which site I got this story from but I remember reading it a few years back. It’s a short horror story, so I hope you enjoy!
Jennifer was a young college student. She could no longer afford to live in a dormitory with her friends so she decided to get an apartment off-campus. She decided to have a party and invite everyone who was close to her. 
It was 2 am, the party was about two hours in and everyone was enjoying themselves. When suddenly, there was a knock on the window. They turned the music down and everyone turned to see a figure of a man outside The window. 
"Can you guys keep it down?" He asked, The voice was of an older man, possibly in his fifties.
Someone with the party just assured him that they would be a lot quieter. With that the man Just walked away from the window. 
Everyone seem to brush off the incident and continued with the party except for jenn so had seem frighten by the whole incident. her boyfriend and her best friend were beside her in the kitchen away from the party. 
"why are you so afraid All of a sudden?" Her boyfriend asked.
"we are on the third floor."
Her Boyfriend and her bestfriend were confused. Then they realized what she had meant.
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»Ghost Cars

You know those nights you’re driving and you notice a car’s headlights behind you? It’s nothing unusual until they disappear on a road with nothing but trees on both sides. Maybe we’re just paranoid, who knows?

Of course…my story is a little more exciting than that.

My friends and I were out late eating dinner. We were taking a rather busy highway home, however at 3am it’s not so busy. It was a normal ride until we noticed a car fly onto the wrong side of the road going opposite of traffic. (Thankfully no one was on that side when they were driving the wrong way.)

Just as quickly as the car entered the road, it screeched off to the side out of the road. However, the car seemed to vanish as it drove through the trees. We thought, maybe there’s a road or a driveway we’re unaware of right there and it’s some kids messing around late at night. 


We arrive at the exact spot where the car pulled onto the road. Guardrail. We continue down the road to where the car turned back off of the road. Guardrail. The only thing we saw during that stretch of road was guardrail and trees.  There was absolutely no way a car should have turned into the opposite side, drove the wrong way, veered back off, and then vanish. Especially when there was all guardrail. 

My friends and I had some arguments as to what we might’ve witnessed, but we all agreed that we saw something that we shouldn’t have. Was it a glimpse into the past, perhaps residual and stuck in time? Or was it more complex, maybe we saw a parallel dimension slide into our own?

We’ll never know. And to this day, if I drive past that stretch of road I always look for a sign to clear my head and help explain what happened that one late night.

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Dead Boy beneath the waters of ‘Ola’a, Hawaii.
Blogger’s Note: This story I remember reading when I got my first Weird US book in 5th grade. It gave me night terrors for one whole week because I thought this dead boy from Hawaii was gonna come all the way to New Jersey and kill me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was a child. Also, make sure to summit any horror story, local legend, or creepy encounters to the W1tch1ng-H0ur.
On the Big Island of Hawaii is a village known as ‘Ola’a. Quiet, humble, and community oriented, an outside observer would never guess that this little village was the site of a tragedy which still haunts the children of the village today. 
In 1947 a gang of neighborhood kids were playing on the shore of a local pond when one of them (I forget his first name but I believe his last name was Tanaka) fell in and disappeared beneath the surface of the water. His compatriots rushed to find help, but the boy did not resurface. Divers hurried into the water to look for the lost boy.
When they did find the boy’s body, they were disturbed and by what they saw. The dead boy was at the very bottom of the pond. He was sitting calmly upon a rock with his arms by his side. His eyes and mouth were open. It was as if he sunk to the bottom, sat down on a rock, and waited to die. His body was swaying back and forth with the currents. The divers retrieved the corpse and everyone tried to forget about the strange and tragic death that had occurred.
The drowned boy refused to let them forget, however. People who traveled on the shore of the pond complained that something would tug at the bottom of their pants as they walked. Rumors spread that the boy’s spirit was still trapped beneath the dark waters of the pond, and tries to pull unsuspecting victims in to his watery grave. 
Years later, another boy was inexplicably dragged into the pond. He was walking behind his father when something pulled him in. He shouted to his father, but it was too late. The force had pulled him beneath the surface. When divers went to retrieve the boy they found him perched on a rock, eyes and mouth open, arms relaxed at his sides. Fortunately, this boy was rescued and revived.
Nowadays, Parents warn their children to avoid this pond. Because another young life might be taken by the restless spirit.
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Jungle Gym- Anonymous
Jungle  Gym  is a real ghost story from japan about  a student who encounter a little girl and her mother in the park. This story is featured on the site, ScaryForKids.
This Happen when I was a college student. I was on my way home from class when I was suddenly stopped by a little girl about five or six years of age. She Grabbed my hand and started pulling me.
"Please come!" She begged, "My Mommy needs help…"
I don’t know why but for some reason, I went with her. 
The little girl dragged me by the hand for 4 or 5 blocks until we arrived at a park. There were trees, benches, swings, and jungle gym. It was getting dark and the park seemed to be empty. 
The girl wouldn’t let go of my hand and she dragged me towards the Jungle Gym. Nearby, I noticed a woman sitting on a bench under a tree. From where I was standing, I couldn’t see her face because the branches of the tree were covering it. 
"I brought someone, Mommy!" the little girl called Cheerfully.
The woman on the bench wouldn’t move.
From behind the branches of the tree, I heard her say, “I’m sorry, it’s my daughter…”
There was something strange about the woman’s Voice that sent a chill down my spine. I felt like something was very, very wrong. I just wanted  to get away from there as fast as possible.
The little girl said, “Come play with me,” and she ran over to the jungle gym.
"I’m sorry, it’s my daughter…" said the woman again in a dull monotone. 
I still couldn’t see her face. Something about the way she was sitting made me nervous. 
The little girl was playing on the jungle Gym behind me. The sun was beginning to set and it was getting darker. 
I asked, “why did you tell your daughter to bring me here? Why me??”
At that moment , the woman suddenly screamed out, “Rina!”
I heard a thud, and I looked back at the jungle gym behind me. The little girl had fallen, blood rushing through her head. I wanted to call the an ambulance but I so overcome with fear that I just stood frozen. something still was right. 
I looked back at the bench, The woman was still sitting there. Motionless. I couldn’t understand why she sounded so worried but didn’t lift a finger to help her daughter. 
I waked cautiously near bench. I reached out and pulled back the branches that were hiding her face. What I saw made me scream in terror.
The woman was dead. 
her face was purple, her eyes were bulging out, and her tongue was protruding out of her swollen lips. The scarf was wrapped tightly around the woman’s neck and it tied around a branch of the tree.
"I’m sorry, it’s my daughter…" she murmured.
I don’t remember much after that because I had fainted. when I woke up I found myself lying on the ground in the dark.
I was alone. 
I quickly got myself up and hurried home.
I had found out early the next morning, from a friend, a woman had committed suicide in the park years before. Her daughter had an accident an blamed it on her self. She became so distraught that she went back to the park one night and killed herself.
a few months later the park was demolished.
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sweet hollow road, Long Island- 
legend has it that sweet hollow road has been haunted as long as anyone can remember it. It is a long narrow winding and dangerous road and there are a number of chilling urban legends associated with it.
The story of three teenage boys who hanged themselves off of the Northern State overpass bridge on Sweet Hollow. this was apart of a suicide pact the boys had planned months earlier.  Legend has it that when you are driving down the road and pass under the bridge, if you honk your horn or flash your lights three times and look into the rearview mirror, you’ll see their lifeless bodies  from the overpass.
On a dark and snowy night a bus full of school children was driving across the bridge. The driver suddenly lost and the bus slipped off of the bridge, crashing on Sweet Hollow Road and killing everyone on board.
Ever since then, people have reported seeing a group of faceless children walking alongside the road at night. Others report seeing a bus full of children parked outside the graveyard at night. They say that if you drive under the bridge and put your car in neutral, the car will roll out from underneath the bridge. some believe that this is the dead kids pushing you out of harm’s way.
There was a teenage girl named Mary Who was with her boyfriend as they were driving down Sweet Hollow Road when they got into an argument. her boyfriend accused her of cheating on him and in a fit of rage, he pushed her out of the moving car. She landed in the middle of the road and killing before she had a chance to get out of the way, a drunk driver  came along and killing her instantly.
She is buried in sweet hollow cemetery and if you go to her grave you might see. however, if you do see her and she catches you seeing her, you’ll be dead before daybreak.
Years ago, a police officer was shot and killed on the road. they say that if you are driving on this road at night or on a dark and stormy day a cop will pull you over and ask questions. some say he’ll give a warning like “you better hurry home quick, because this road gets dangerous at night,”. As soon as he turns around and walks back to his car, you can see a bloody shotgun wound on the back of his head.
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Peaches Geldof snapped a picture of herself with daughter Astala in the bathroom of her Kent home.
 When she looked at the photo she noticed the ghostly hand by the side of her head and posted it on Instagram.
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The Suicidal Man- Swedesboro, NJ
This was story was published on the site, UrbanLegendsOnline.com by a woman named Becca Gomez.
For a few years, I lived in a building in New Jersey. It’s an old building, built in the late 1800s, so it was always creaky and slightly unsettling. I never thought anything of it until one day my mother and I were sitting outside when an elderly man approached us. He asked if we live in the building, and when we replied with yes, he went on to tell us how he has been living in Swedesboro since he was born. He said that back in the  1930’s there was a heavy man who lived on the top story.  It was hard back then to make ends meet. After living there for a little while, the man lost his job, which caused him to fall into a depression. It was impossible for him to find a job and pay his taxes. He couldn’t take it anymore, so one dark night before he was to be evicted, he climbed up to the top of the fire escape. Saying his last goodbyes into the wind, he jumped. The old man said the couple who lived down the street didn’t sleep for weeks because they kept recalling the sound of him hitting the ground from the third story.
We shared this story with the rest of our building, but none of us really thought anything of it, until one night when Jessica, who lived in the apartment upstairs, told us that she was coming home late and saw someone standing on the fire escape stairs. She called out to him, but he didn’t answer. For just a moment, she turned around to get her cell phone and call for help, but when she turned back around, the mysterious figure wasn’t there. After knowing Jessica for years, I was really spooked to hear what she had seen. Next time you’re driving by the SwedesInn, look across the street. Maybe you’ll see the suicidal man too.
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Post-mortem photography (Mourning portrait)- The practice of photographing the recently deceased. These photographs of deceased love ones were a normal part of American and European culture in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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In the year 1696, a teacher named Mary Whaley gave birth to a single son and named him Matthew Whaley. Mary taught her child in the backyard of their home, but unfortunately at nine years of age, the little boy died…leaving Mary and the father with no children. Mary Whaley, shortly after her son’s death, opened a school for the poor and it was known throughout the Community of Williamsburg, Virginia as “Mattey’s School”. Following a period of a few years, Mary Whaley lost her husband and he was buried beside Mattey in a church’s cemetery located in Williamsburg. Mary left the country and entrusted her school to the church’s wardens. Through different buildings being erected and torn down over the past three hundred years, there is now a fairly large brick building used as an Elementary School and named in Matthew Whaley’s memory that stands on Scotland Street. It is said that Mattey’s ghost has been seen on the school grounds, more than once. However, many people claim that because this is not the actual site of the original school, his ghost is actually seen in front of the Governor’s palace in town…at the spot of the original schoolhouse. Others claim that they have experienced sightings of two young black boys, playing in the yard of the Elementary School. Rumors have spread that they are the ghosts of two young black boys who were killed by anti-desegregation assailants in the 1960’s. Still other people say that the ghosts are of Mattey Whaley and a little black slaveboy who was his friend while he was still alive. Whether Mattey Whaley’s ghost haunts the actual school or different parts of Williamsburg is unknown, but one thing is for sure…this school has some paranormal activity that cannot be denied by the people who have witnessed the ghostly figures playing in the yard of the school on certain dark nights.
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The Phantom of Phanlax Road in Colts Neck, NJ
This is written by a woman named Jane who had her story published in Weird NJ. Which is a popular website in NJ, and also has published successful magazines and books. 
On September 14, 2006, my friend and I were coming home from PNC Arts Center. We got lost on some back roads and ended up on Phalanx Road. There was a steady rain and we were paying close attention because we were not quite sure if we were heading in the right direction.
As we were driving, my friend started telling me about all the people that were killed on the road, especially at an intersection we passed through. We noticed the roadside memorials. Then we passed a farmhouse and she started telling me about how two young girls were killed in the house in an accident.
My friend asked me if I minded if she had a cigarette and I told her it was fine. She rolled the window a little less than halfway down and was trying to light her cigarette when she dropped the lighter. As she was searching for it, she slowed the car down and then eventually stopped it. The road was dark and empty. My friend heard a tapping at her window, and she looked over to see a young girl standing next to the car, motioning with her index finger to follow her. She said nothing to us. She just had a blank expression on her face. We started screaming and locked the doors, rolled up the window, and drove away.
We stopped the car after a few yards. I looked through the back driver’s side window and the girl was looking right into my eyes. She was a young, pretty, and in her late teens or early twenties. She had light brown hair that was pulled back. I thought she had a bandanna on, but my friend didn’t remember seeing that. She had on a brown, short-sleeved shirt and jeans—no bag or purse—and her clothes and hair were dry, even though it was raining. She stepped back from the car, a look of confusion on her face. We pulled away again, going about 100 yards. I looked back again and she was gone.
We got up to the light on Route 34 and ran though it without stopping. Once we got near the Colts Neck Inn, we called the police and explained what happened. They sent a patrol car there, but found no one. As my friend and I thought more about it we couldn’t get past the fact that we saw no one walking on the road and no broken down cars. She just appeared at the side of the car. It is a wooded road and an area with no houses.
We keep trying to tell ourselves it was just a young girl that needed help, but how come she didn’t speak to us? She just had this blank stare and was motioning us to come with her. Her reaction to us was not normal. Most people would say something like, “Oh, I didn’t mean to scare you” or “I just need help or directions”—anything but just standing there, even after she saw she scared us half to death.
It was close to midnight, very dark, and raining. Yet, we were able to make out her features clear as day. It was like a flashlight was shining on her face. We said a lot of prayers and did a lot of crying the rest of the ride home. This was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me and I just can’t shake it. The logical side of me keeps telling myself that it was just a girl in need of some help or some kids playing a joke, but then that little whispering voice in me keeps saying it was something else. 
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Anonymous: I love your blog!! I wish you'd update more often though, I need my daily dose of scary :)

Yeah, It’s was hard dealing with work and school. Not only that, but my family was having a difficult time financially. My tumblr has this Glitch. Like I never knew that I had all these messages and submissions. I don’t wanna “re-post” any scary story or video that any other horror blog has already posted.

To My Followers:

ANYWAY, I will Try to check this blog daily. Please Submit any story or video or any thing that you find creepy!

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Historic Savage Mill Ghost Expedition 2012 (“Thank You Martin”)

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A Haunting in Anne Arundel County 2013/Jessup, Maryland (“You’d Have To Be Dead”)