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Ant-walking alligators horrors of Hiroshima
When the ‘Little Boy’ exploded 750 yards above Hiroshima during the Monday morning rush hour, no-one had ever seen anything like it. A great light filled the sky, a sound that could flatten buildings rolled across the city and 80,000 people died instantly. The statistics are rightly famous: up to 40% of the population dead, two thirds of the city destroyed and fires burning at 4,000C. But the experience of survivors in the immediate aftermath is less well-known, and far more disturbing.
They had once been human. When the sky exploded, they’d had the misfortune to survive. Faces turned to the blast, the skin had been seared from their skulls; leaving only a black, leather substance without eyes or features. All that remained was a red hole where their mouths had once been. They staggered about the outskirts of Hiroshima, avoided by other survivors – but the real horror was the sound they made. 
None of them survived for long. In most modern accounts of the bombing they’re noticeably absent. But the alligator people are a reminder of the human cost of our victory in the War – one we should never allow ourselves to forget.
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Haunted universities and colleges in Ohio Pt. 2
Kenyon College- 
Gates of hell- The main gates on Kenyon’s Main Path are said to have been built atop the “hellmouth”. Some also believe that the church of the holy spirit or Manning Hall stand atop the gate to the underworld. But superstitious Kenyon students who pass between the old pillars never do so without touching one as the pass, because it is believe that if you just walk through it you might end up in hell.
Norton Hall- A peripatetic “ghostly insomniac” walks the corridors of Norton Hall, which is a residence building located at 206 ward st. He was a student before he committed suicide in his dorm room.
Manning Hall- A fustrate student who die before she coul attend classes rearranges furniture in this building at 202 South College rd.
Lewis Hall- A freshman who hanged himself in the attic of this building (202 ward st.) turns lights on and off and flushes toilets, as well as disturbing students by knocking on doors.
Bolton Dance studio- This building use to be the home of the Kenyon swimming pool. According to legend, a student using the high diving cracked his or her head on the glass ceiling, broke his or her neck then drowned into the pool. People have reported that they would see wet footprints walking from the area were the pool once stood to the locker rooms. others have said one some days it would still smell like chlorine
Hill theater- Located inside the Shaffer speech Building, was supposedly built on or near the site of a drunk driving fatality. The ghosts associated with the accident unscrew light bulbs ans open curtains when no one is around guards have experienced these phenomena after hours.
Old Kenyon- the most tragic event in the history of Kenyon College spawned it’s darkest and most enduring ghost story. On February 27, 1949, nine male lives were killed in the a fire which leveled the school’s oldest and most prominent building. They say on every February 27th they reenact their deaths in the middle of the night.
Lake Erie College-
College hall- a girl named Stephanie haunts college hall. She was a student at Lake Erie in the 1800s, when it was an all girls school, and she has an affair with a professors and got pregnant. when he showed no inclination to marry her, she hung herself from the fouth flour belltower. she roams the closed off floor and is spotted from the outside. 
Morley Music Hall- it’s nit hard to feel the presence of the Morleys who haunt the eponymous Music Hall. You might also see Mrs. Morley, who floats in a long white gown down the staircase. 
Fine Arts Building- the Green room , used by the drama department for rehearsal and some storage, is haunted by a presence which surrounds students and makes them feel uncomfortable for no good reason. Maybe it has something to do with the figure of a man who is seen roaming the fine arts building at odd hours.
Marietta College-
A former Ohio governor may be the one haunting Marietta College’s Alpha Xi Delta sorority house at 322 Fifth Street. Although it was built by William P. Skinner in 1855, and he lived there until he died in 1866, it’s George White who everyone thinks of when they talk about the history of the house. By all accounts, “George” is a gentleman. He appears full-body to certain girls, dressed in a grayish, conservative suit and looking out a window or staring off forlornly.
Miami University-
Peabody Hall- This dorm is said to be haunted by its namesake, Mrs. Helen Peabody,who is seen there sometimes. A suicide supposedly took place in room 210, only to be repeated by another student years later.
Reid Hall- was the site of a murder on may 9, 1959. two students got into a fight there and an RA named Roger Sayles tried to intervene. One pulled a gun and shot Sayles, killing him. His Assailant then fled to Ogden Hall, where he blew his brains out. The say the bloody hand prints of Sayles appear from time to time. In 2006 the building was demolished, but some say the hauntings still continue.
Wilson hall- This building was once tuberculosis hospital and is said to be haunted by the ghost of those who died in it.
Muskingum College- On the campus of New Concord’s Muskingum College is Patton Hall, which is the site of several ghostly occurrences in different parts of the building. One room, the site of an RA’s suicide years ago, is supposed to always be either too hot or too cold. The woman’s swinging form can sometimes be seen through the window from outside. A certain corner room at Patton is also haunted; lights go on and off by themselves, and the ghost will sometimes lock people out.
Oberlin College- (The picture used above) The Warner center is haunted by a ghostly redheaded women.
Ohio State University- 
Promence hall- Dr. Clark, a professor in the early 1900s, got depressed about a failed mining investment and committed suicide. His body was found where Pomerene Hall now stands. Mrs. Clark swore never to leave him, and when she died in the 1920s her ghost began to haunt Mirror Lake in a pink dress. Dr. Clark haunts Pomerene, where he slams doors and does other ineffectual ghostly things. 
Hopkins Hall- A girl was stuck in an elevator all night in Hopkins Hall, the art building. This threw her into a nervous breakdown, and for some reason she wrote things all over the walls of the elevator. She eventually graduated but was later killed in a car accident, and it is said that people sometimes find notes or scratchings in the Hopkins Hall elevator that say, “I’m still mad at OSU for what they did to me.” 
Ohio Northern University- 
Presser Hall- This building is haunted by a ghost named Brad who supposedly died on his way to recital there. He bangs on pipes whenever a song is played in D minor, which is apparently his least favorite key, and sometimes swings the chandelier in the recital hall to the tempo of the music.
Clark Hall- This residence hall is home to a ghost named Phoebe who walks the halls at night. Phoebe is a pretty scary ghost. Aside from being sighted walking around, she was once spotted pulling herself up through a ceiling panel in one of the dorm rooms. A girl living here once had a dream about pieces of paper spelling out a message about a dead girl; when she asked who died, the papers formed an arrow pointing to a fireplace. The girl woke up and checked the fireplace and discovered a memorial plaque dedicated to Phoebe.
5-Up-  This oddly-named girls’ dorm at ONU was once a fraternity house. One night at the frat the guys were playing “Donkey Kong” with the new pledges, throwing kegs down the stairs at them as they ran up. One of the pledges was hit on the head and killed, and the college shut the frat down and later turned it into a girls’ dorm. One of the girls committed suicide here. She is sometimes sighted in her room, and the unfortunate pledge is occasionally spotted running up the stairs. 
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Haunted Universities and Colleges in Ohio. part 1
Antioch College-
G.stanley Hall- A former college building which is now boarded up, this 1860s mansion is supposed to be haunted by weird shapes and optical distortions which float through its halls.
Glen Helen Nature Preserve- Indians and the original Helen after whom the preserve was named haunt this “living laboratory” located in the woods near campus.
Baldwin Wallace College-
Kohler Hall- Kohler Hall was built in the 1870s as the Methodist Children’s Home. It’s said that it was used variously as a hospital and an insane asylum. A tunnel exists beneath Seminary Street between the basement morgue and the college Chapel, walled off on the Chapel end and locked tight in the old morgue. Today Kohler is known as the “freak building,” partially because it houses art majors, but also because of the freaky happenings inside its walls. A mysterious blue haze is the most frequently encountered manifestation, one which only appears in the old wing of the building. It presses down on people while they’re in bed and appears in the halls. A ghost also sometimes tugs blankets off sleeping residents. 
Lang Hall- Emma Lang, the woman after whom this residence hall is named, is seen walking the halls and heard rattling her keys. Students who have seen her recognize her from a picture that hangs above the mantel in the lobby. Another story says a conservatory student on the fourth floor killed herself in her closet. Her screams echo through the building. She may also be the reason that girls sometimes feel somebody the heavy, imposing pressure of an invisible someone sitting on their lap in the restroom
Bowling Green State University-
Brown and saint theater- Both of these theaters (named for actors Joe E. Brown and Oscar winner Eva Marie Saint) are haunted by Alice, supposedly the ghost of a former Bowling Green actress. She is very picky, and must be appeased by the leaving on of the theater’s ghost light, as well as a formal invitation to every show by the stage manager after the final dress rehearsal. If she isn’t appeased, she’ll cause things to go wrong. One student actually saw her, but ran away before he had a chance to talk to her. 
Chi Omega- Chi Omega Sorority House is haunted by Amanda, a girl who was either a pledge accidentally killed in a railroad initiation, or a little girl who died on the park behind the old student union, where the house now stands. She is the source of a lot of superstition around Chi Omega. One room is labeled “Amanda’s Room” and is the site of lots of poltergeist activity, including things disappearing and reappearing in the house utility room, and a closet which locks itself. Every year in the group photo the girls leave a blank place which is marked “Amanda” in the caption. The 1986-87 class accidentally forgot to include her, and that picture is found off the wall a lot.
Columbus state Community College-It was built on top of an old Catholic cemetery which was used until the mid-1800’s. Every time they put up a new building they find more bones, which are then sent to a church for consecration and burial, but apparently that’s not enough for the ghosts, who remain so pissed that they harass night workers and local cops.
Denison University-
Library-The  7th floor of the library (which is not open to the public unless you have a special pass) is haunted by the ghost of a former librarian who will scare you if you fall asleep
Chamberlin Hall- it use to be a Frat house. Reports of of the usual doors closing, temp drops etc.
Heidelberg College-
France Hall-Ellen is the name of the ghost at France Hall. She roams the halls, locking students out of their rooms, and seems particularly tied to the attic, where strange noises are often heard. There are cold spots in the basement. Things seem to move around by themselves in the kitchen. Fire alarms seem to go off for no good reason in this building. If you see a mysterious dark-haired lady in France Hall, there’s a good chance it’s Ellen.
A member of a sorority which occupies France Hall describes seeing a hanger flip around a doorknob and then fly off for no apparent reason. The story is well known around campus, and especially among France Hall residents.
Founders Hall-The catacombs beneath Founders Hall are now used as storage space for the theater, and workers have reported seeing strange shadows flitting around down there. Radios seem to turn off for no apparent reason.
Willard Hall-Willard’s basement is haunted by some sort of apparition which frightens students from time to time.
Kent State University
Allyn hall-A little girl named sarah roams the halls at night
Englemen Hall- Built in the 1930’s as an all female dorm. Englemen is haunted by the ghost of a young women who was beaten, raped, murdered in the 1940’s and 50’s.
Koonce Hall- Which is haunted by the very judgemental spirit, Judy Koonce. rumor has it that if your presence is nice than she will be nice to you but if you give off a mean, destructive presence, than she’ll be mean to you. Judy died while saving a child in the flood of Kent.
Also it is rumored that the victims of the Kent state massacre still haunts the school in the places where they died.
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Arkansas Universities and Colleges:
Henderson State University- The theater Haunted by the ghost of a boy named Simon and the spirit of an unnamed female ghost who haunts the dorms at night in Arkansas hall.
Ouachita Baptist University- Orbs were spotted in the basement. The windows in girl dorms would brake on occasion with no explanation why.
Lyon College- Use to be an old orphanage that burnt down in the early 1900’s. They say late at night, up in the old chapel, you can hear what sounds like a rocking chair going back and fourth. you hears the sound of children crying and laughing.
Hendrix College- Rumor has it that a ghost of a young women haunting Galloway hall, called the “Galloway virgin”.
University of  Arkansas- Wilson Hall-People say that at night a ghost comes out. It is the ghost of a young girl who died from an error of construction. She was walking on the stairs one day and it had collapsed underneath her.
Southern University of Arkansas-
Bussey Hall- A girl hung herself there in the 1950’s and another girl fell down the elevator shaft. The shaft still exists but the doors have been wielded shut.
Horton Theater- They say that the ghost of a young women. they say that she was supposed to be the star of an upcoming production. Supposedly she was in a train accident. Physically she never made it there.
Arkansas Tech-
Caraway hall- In the 1960’s, a girl committed suicide there after her parents said the wouldn’t pay for her school fees anymore. People have reported hearing footsteps at 3am.
Tucker Coliseum- A basketball player was killed in a car accident in 1981.
Witherspoon Hall- Between 12-3am in the mornings the sound of the piano would be playing. Some believe it to be a ghost of a former student.
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Haunted Colleges and Universities of Alabama
Springhill College – The Ghostly Math Professor
Walker College ( Bevill State Community College ) – The Ghost of Dr. Carl Jesse
Auburn University – The Ghost of Sidney Grimlett.
Athens State University – There are a couple different hauntings in this college but the most famous is a blond woman whoappears in a third story window of McCandless Hall. Many people believe it is the ghost of Abigail Lylia Burns who was an operatic soprano, butshe never was at the college between the years 1908-1922 which is during the time that the haunting started, so the ghosts real identity is stillnot known. When she is seen, she is always wearing a formal white gown. Another ghost in this college is Madam Childs, whose identity has been somehow confirmed. She was a proctor in one of the woman’s dorms.
University of Montevallo – The Ghosts of President Reynolds, Dr. Trumbauer, and Condie Cunningham
University of West Alabama – Ghosts of the library, Webb hall, Bibb Graves Hall, and Brock Hall
University of North Alabama – Ghost of the Book Store
University of Alabama – Ghost of the Jason’s Shrine and the Tri-Delta Sorority House
Judson College – The Ghostly Organist
Huntingdon College – The Red Lady